For Steven Goovaerts, the sea is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. Not for the odd haphazard landscape photography though. “A yellow-white beach, green, blue sea and clear skies… we have too often seen those kind of images. But a menacing deck of clouds, shifting sands on a godforsaken beach during 7 Beaufort winds, skies that colour golden yellow with a cold setting winter sun, it all makes for that special atmosphere. An atmosphere of desolation and melancholy that impresses me, which I enjoy and I can blend into intensively. An atmosphere that I want to capture in photographs. Because photographing the sea is more than a landscape snapshot for me. It is trying to express infinite impressions, and even the inner feelings that the combination of water, sand, wind, and sky call upon me. “

Steven Goovaerts exhibited his seascapes in 2011 at Galerie Welnis Oostduinkerke and saw some of his works permanently exposed at the Belgian embassy in Tel Aviv. In his quest to photograph the sea in a different way, he concentrated in recent years on the use of slow shutter speeds and intentional camera movement and is experimenting with film emulation presets in postprocessing.

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sea & landscape photography by Steven Goovaerts

(photo credit: Leon Nolis)