Texel:  Paal 15

Texel: Paal 15

Yup, went to Texel again. On one particular evening I estimated it was worthwhile to go out for some sunset photography. I was not counting on the sun being visible, but I gambled on some nice clouds and light. When I arrived, I noticed a big downpour in front of me. But I got rewarded, because clouds shattered and the rain literally went left and right from me.

I was actually focusing on making shots on film, with my 6×6 Bronica Zenza SQ-Ai. But I quickly swapped cameras, and because I was too lazy to prepare my Nikon D800, I took out the little Fujifilm X100T I take along on travels. I activated the build-in (3 stops) ND filter and took some standard shots. I did not really get the wow factor in the images, as I wanted something more exciting, something more dynamic. So I decided to experiment while panning the camera on the tripod, with a shutter speed of only 0,5 seconds. And BOOM, I was a happy camper 🙂